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Full-circle building of ice rink



Proftechnology Group welcomes you to the business of ice rinks building of XXI century. That is combining of our experience, knowledge, the most innovative technologies and industry-leading facilities today. Whether it's figure skating, ice hockey, public ice skating, skating classes or short track, we can handle all your needs!


Since 2003 Proftechnology Group implements a coast-to-coast building of the ice objects from design to climate in all premises (including transportation of the equipment, custom declaration and certification). The reference list involves more than 80 ice rinks and arenas all over the Europe.

We can provide you with all architectural and design consulting or work together with your local design team to make your layout plan the best! Innovative facilities results in total building energy efficiency that will significantly minimize operating costs we know how it works.

The weather not always favors to comfortable conditions for winter sports, we can help to make and support the artificial winter with cooling equipment and accessories:


Cooling Modules

About cooling modules or cooling aggregates with or without heat recuperation.

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Ice Mats

Revolution in the ice rinks installation - quick-to-install and energy efficient technology.

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Piping system of Ice Field

The most efficiency decision of piping system of the ice field is combining refrigeration and heating piping.

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Hydro-, steam- and thermal insulation of the ice surface.

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Dasher Boards System

DASHER BOARD SYSTEM for professional and amateur sports with
protection for advertising
and the system
of warehousing of elements.

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Accessories for Ice Skating and Hockey

Accessories for skating and hockey produced by #1 company in the world.

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Ice Resurfacers

Ice resurfacing machines designed for treatment of ice surface of small and medium ice rinks and large ice arenas.

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Multi-functional Flooring

Special blocks with different thickness and density using to transform the ice field into a football field or a concert platform without expensive process of thawing.

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Auxiliary Equipment for Ice Arenas

Tourniquets, Telescopic tribunes, Electronic informative score-board, Ice rink liners, Ice rink Lighting System.

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The great advantages of WM Group are a guarantee and post-guarantee a day-round service and technical maintenance and consulting.

Thank you for your choice! We offer more than quality ice we offer quality life!





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